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Preston Playhouse an indoor pop-up pickleball, padel and swim facility. The largest of its kind in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and situated in the heart of Dallas, this family-friendly destination offers 9 indoor pickleball courts, 2 indoor padel courts, a heated indoor swimming pool, arcade games, dedicated lounge and bar spaces, and catering services.

Preston Playhouse was created by Dallas-based concept development company WoodHouse, which owns and operates a range of concepts in the hospitality, private social club and entertainment spaces, including the neighboring T Bar M Racquet Club, which is undergoing a renovation and reimagining set to debut in late 2024.

Hours of Operation
MON-THU 7am-9:30PM
FRI-SAT 7am-7:30PM
SUN 7am-5:30PM
For more information call 972-385-3641
Tam Trinh
Pickleball Director

Tam Trinh’s love for racquet sports began with tennis and evolved into a professional career in other sports including padel and pickleball. At Preston Playhouse, Tam oversees pickleball clinics, lessons, mixers, and most importantly, ensures everyone has a good time.

Initially from Dallas, Tam grew up playing tennis through which he acquired several impressive rankings including placing No. 1 in juniors in Texas, winning state doubles as a freshman in high school, and receiving multiple achievements at a collegiate level, in his time at Louisiana State University. Tam has also explored a career in padel, a game he excels in. Tam ranked No. 2 in the country for the US Padel Association, played for the US national padel team, and was drafted into the Pro Padel League. A few years out of college, Tam picked up the sport of pickleball and never looked back. After playing for fun with friends, Tam began playing professionally in 2022 and has continued to grow his pickleball career, with big plans ahead for 2024.

Picking up pickleball was easy for Tam; the social aspect is what sparked his love for the game, which he attributes to the smaller court bringing everyone together. Pickleball is Tam’s favorite racquet sport he has played, and the pure joy and fun of playing the game is something he hopes to share with the Dallas community through Preston Playhouse. Tam views the Preston Playhouse team as a family, and is excited to welcome Dallasites into the easygoing environment where all are welcome, and fun will always be had.

Nico Agritelley is a Dallas native who grew up playing tennis at T Bar M Racquet Club since he was two years old. He carried his tennis career into college where he played Division 1 tennis at Abilene Christian University. Nico played tennis until graduating college when he decided to make the switch to padel. He played padel recreationally for a few years then in 2022 he decided to quit his day job and play professional padel and teach at T Bar M Racquet Club.

Nico’s conversion to padel was a perfect transition for him as a former tennis player. It was a sport that was something new, fun, and easy to pick up. Nico finds his passion for padel in the social component of the sport and never fails to have fun on the court. He is currently ranked number one in the country for padel, has been selected to play for Team USA several times, and has had the opportunity to travel all over the world to compete. A highlight padel moment for Nico was in 2021 at the World Championships in Doha, Qatar. He had the opportunity to play against the number one team in the world.

Nico is excited to grow the sport of padel in his hometown at Preston Playhouse and help Dallasites experience what he loves so much about the sport. As he fell in love with padel the first moment he picked up a paddle, he’s confident the rest of Dallas will too, and is excited to welcome players of all skill levels in to take the courts at Preston Playhouse.

Nico Agritelley
Padel Director